Saturday, November 10, 2018

Vicious Cycle

I got the alert for this cache right after the GIFF event at Jungman Library and decided I could look for a free movie to watch after I attempted to get an FTF. I was first to arrive but took my time getting started because of the need for stealth. I didn’t want someone inside to think I was a thief. An epiphany hit me about the same time the second wave of the FTF party showed up.

SpunkeeMonkey and Lifeisahorse asked if I’d found it. We began our search in earnest but had no luck. Then Robin_1 joined us. We pulled, twisted, poked, prodded, and lifted just about every nut, bolt, screw, wire, and bracket with no success.

Suddenly a shriek erupted from Lifeisahorse’s mouth; she’d seen it! SpunkeeMonkey had moved something just right so that the sun bounced off the cache. Zingo! We signed the log, shared a laugh, and departed to our respective vehicles for warmth and further adventures.

Fun spot, fun hunt, fun story! Thanks Ca$hQueen for adding to this ter-GIFF-ic day!! {FTF}



  1. Robin_1's log: Wow!!! CoFTF with SpunkyMonkey, LifeAsAHorse, and MyrthMan (aka the homeless guy).

    Well, after another successful GIFF Event nearby, and after cleaning up, and packing up, I headed out, but before doing that, I checked my map and there was a FTF opportunity nearby.

    Not knowing what to expect, I set out and then realized it was a new cache from none other than my GIFF CoHost.

    So I get to the corner where I knew the cache was nearby to see LifeAsAHorse and SpunkyMonkey both feverishly searching around GZ. I figured my chances would be at best a 2TF but I quickly parked in the 15 minute parking zone behind the building and walked quickly to GZ. Well by the time I got there MyrthMan was also there and had been there first but also unsuccessful. The cache had still not been found.

    We all discussed options gestured a few times like monkeys (with sounds and all) or cavemen (also with sounds) or something only to find out MM was thought to have been a homeless guy when the girls had first arrived. Ha!!

    Anyway, the search ensued/continued and just as the 14th minute elapsed on my watch LifeAsAHorse spotted the tiny container in a spot we were all sure we’d already checked multiple time over.


  2. SpunkyMonkee's log: Co- (FTF) with Lifeisahorse, Robin-1, and myrthman. I came by with Lifeisahorse after today’s GIFF event since I noticed the FTF on my Caching app. As we crossed the street, I said, “Oh, WoW! There’s a homeless man sitting on the curb right by GZ!” Once we crossed the road, I thought it looked like Sean... Is that Sean?... That’s Sean!!! He’s trying to be unnoticed...I yelled out,”Did you find it?!?” He said No, he was trying to be stealthy. We started looking over the bikes like we were interested in them! Nothing.
    We google what the Queen’s favorite color is... search some more... nothing. Here walks up Robin-1 and starts looking, too! The sun’s starting to set and we try moving parts around... All of a sudden, Lifeisahorse yells, “OMG!!! I don’t believe it!!!” She starts laughing and we all stop. Sure enough, she laid eyes on it!!! Apparently something I wiggled caused it to glint at her and she saw it! Or, we’d probably still be looking for it! This was a really good hide! Thanks for the fun!!!

  3. Lifeisahorse's log: Co (FTF) Found with my BFF Spunkymonkee, Myrthman, and Robin_1. What a sneaky hide. We all went round and round 30 minutes looking for this one. Thanks for the hide and the smiley. Giving this one a fav.